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APPLiA Danmark – The Danish Association for Suppliers of Electrical Domestic Appliances

More than 50% of electricity consumption in Danish homes is driven by electric domestic appliances. More than 60% of electric waste, in tons, are electric domestic appliances.

To take care of producers and importers’ interests in a mature market, FEHA (The Danish Association for Suppliers of Electrical Domestic Appliances) was founded in 1967. FEHA changes its name in April 2018 to APPLiA Danmark.

Since the 1960’s, the industry association, at a general level, has played an active and visible role in developing the market.
FEHA/APPLiA Danmark has during the years built a record of trust and reliability for the industry, to the extent that the industry is today one of the most trusted industries by local consumers.

Compliance with international and local claims in the fields of energy savings, consumers’ rights, rules of marketing, handling of waste etc. has been established – often in a dialogue between FEHA and the authorities.

After rebranding in 2018, APPLiA Danmark is today working on expanding the visibility of the industry – in relation to the homes of the future. Not only are domestic appliances now often viewed as “gadgets” or “smart machines”. They are also an essential part of tomorrow’s smart homes where appliances communicate with energy nets and internet.

APPLiA Danmark has as members all major players in the market – covering at least 95% of the market turnover in MDA, all major brands in SDA.

Our current main activities throughout the year are:

An exact month-to-month market statistic tool, showing products placed on marked per category and showing sales channels (quarterly)

Two major member meetings where current issues are presented and put to debate

Three standing commissions – on statistics, on after sales and on communication, providing room for knowledge sharing and debate

A magazine (Hvidvare-Nyt) with a readership of 3.500, securing exposure of product news and trends to sales chains and retailers of products and news.

A web page with similar content.

APPLiA Danmark is an active member of APPLiA Europe, the European Industry Association.